People want move-in-ready homes. Staging is not about hiding damage and tricking possible homebuyers into thinking your home is worth buying. It is more about providing a clean slate for them to actually see your homes assets. Taking the time to effectively prepare your home for the market, will better enable prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there. What's not to love about a clean, organized, well maintained and ready-to-move-into home?

People buy on emotion. How your home makes a buyer feel will have a dramatic impact on their decision to buy, and most homebuyers will know within the first seconds of entering a home, whether or not they are interested. If you have taken the time to prepare and present your home, it will "speak" to a greater number of potential buyers. People shop for a home with logical expectations but will often choose a home based on emotional responses!

Buyers only see what you show them. Most buyers cannot go into a home and envision how it might look any other way than how they see it. Stagers provide homeowners with valuable information, so you will be able to better prepare and present your home to the real estate market.

Why Stage?      

Staging sets your home apart from the others. When buyers are looking at homes, they have to weigh each ones good qualities against the not-so-good. Inevitably, houses all begin to look alike after seeing one after another, especially if there are no stand-out features and qualities to set them apart. But if you've taken the time to carefully prepare your home, many positive features will stand out, and your home will be remembered when it comes time for buyers to narrow their choices, or make a final decision. Staging increases your chances of being one they will remember! 

To put it simply.

Staging works!