These are great tips to follow if your house is on the Market!

​You'll be ready for Showings at any time!

4. Kitchens

Make your beds as soon as you get out of them! Your bed is, almost always, the main focal point of any bedroom. Ensuring it is well-made and looking tidy is your first step to keeping rooms looking clean. Clothing is next and it is HUGE! Having clothing scattered about will make any room look like a disaster zone. Anyone with a teen will likely understand this. Put your clean clothes away and put dirty clothes in a laundry basket (every bedroom should have one). If you have small children who have lots of toys, ensure you have shelving and toy bins/tubs to contain the toys. Giving everything a place to belong is key! Especially when your house is on the Market!

2. Bathrooms

For starters, keep your floors clean! Not just washed but free of clutter too. As the largest horizontal surface in your home it will be noticed by everyone if it's dirty or covered with clutter, and will make any space look untidy. Get things off the floor. Hang kids' backpacks on hooks in their rooms or the front hall closet. Install shelving for shoes to avoid a shoe mountain in your entry. Invest in baskets for your magazines, toys, and "stuff", to keep them nicely contained. Use a wide microfibre duster mop or stick vacuum daily to get rid of everyday mess such as hair, grass and food crumbs. And give your floors a good wash and vacuum at least once per week. If you have small children or pets, you may have to mop more often.

Give everything a home! Clutter is anything that is out of place that makes a space untidy and/or disorganized. Clutter can be anything from magazines and paperwork, to clothing and trinkets. Too much of anything can result in clutter. Pare back on the things you buy and always put things away where they belong. Do a sweep of your home each night before going to bed, picking up all the little things that are out of place. Start evaluating the things you own and try to determine whether or not you really need or want them anymore, and always keep a collection box in your garage or basement for the items that you are willing to part with. There are many things you can do to combat the ever-existing issue of clutter. It's really quite easy... either give it a home or give it away.

Countless numbers of people thirst for fresh ideas and renewed inspiration every day, motivated simply, by an inherent desire to create more comfortable, functional and appealing spaces in which to call Home. One savvy business woman, who I'm sure everyone can guess, began what is now a billion dollar empire, originally founded entirely on providing sound advice and expertise on her talent for homekeeping.

But keeping a perfectly clean and organized home is easier said than done, and most people simply do not have the time, desire or energy to establish that "perfect home". That said, there are things you can do to make your home more manageable on a daily basis, without having to spend hours each day to maintain it. Below are a few suggestions to help keep up with the demands of your home, without it becoming overwhelming or taking up too much of your time.

Top 5 tips for keeping your home in guest-ready condition every day. 

5. Clutter

Dirty kitchens will sap your energy so fast you will be tired even before you've begun. Clean up after meals right away - don't let dishes pile up. Kitchen mess is one of the most undesirable of chores, but getting it out of the way is much easier to face than day-old dishes and spoiled food. If you have children, make it a family chore after mealtime. There is no reason why it has to be a one person job. Clear off counters and put everything away where it belongs. Also, limit the things you keep on your counters, as too many things will just look like clutter. To combat all of the knick-knacks, paperwork, and bills that inevitably end up in Kitchens, keep a basket on top of your fridge (if you don't have a drawer available) to keep them in, this way you'll know just where to look when you need them. No matter how tidy you are, everyone needs a place for junk in the kitchen!

3. Bedrooms

You don't have to be a great homekeeper to keep clean and tidy bathroom. It can take just minutes a day! One way to help combat toilets is to keep a toilet brush and small bottle of Pine-Sol in every bathroom. This way they're easily accessible when you need them. Before throwing damp hand-towels in the laundry, use them one more time (provided they're just damp and not dirty) to give your sink, counter, mirror, and fixtures a quick wipe-down. After showers, squeegee your tub and tile areas to help minimize soap scum and mold-encouraging dampness. Keep moist wipes handy for quick and easy clean-ups around baseboards, toilet bowls and counters too. These simple ideas are great for keeping your bathrooms sparkling clean in between major cleaning.

1. Floors