The goal of Staging a home, is to reveal its greatest assets. Ensuring it appeals to the largest number of potential buyers and stands out impressively against the competition!

Effectively preparing your home for the market is an investment well worth the rewards. In a competitive market you may gain a higher-than-asking price for your home, and in a slower market your home will stand out sharply against the competition.

Having an aesthetically pleasing home, inside and out, is the most important initial factor that will create interest in any buyer. How your home feels will greatly affect their decision on whether or not they choose to put in an offer, as well. Statistically, it has been proven that people will pay substantially more for a home that is in move-in condition, compared to one that is less expensive but in need of work. This is because few people have the time, vision or inclination to make home improvements and repairs before moving into a home. Carefully preparing and presenting your home to prospective buyers will greatly increase the likelihood of a viewer, becoming a buyer.

To begin the Staging process, it is best to stop thinking of your house as your home, and start thinking of your house as a product. Like any product, it must be attractive to consumers and it must provide value that goes above and beyond what the competition has to offer. Your goal must be to create a neutral, warm and inviting environment, in which potential homebuyers can easily imagine their own family living. Staging helps to reveal your homes full potential, and ensures it will be seen in its best possible light.

Real Estate Staging is a facet of decorating that has gained a great deal of attention in recent years. Staging has now become an essential element towards effectively preparing any home for the market. Preparing your home for its "real estate debut" will ensure it appeals to the widest variety of potential buyers and stands out sharply against competitively priced homes that have not been given the same level of care and attention.

Staging will set your home apart from the competition.   It will be the one they remember.