"Because your home is the place in which you relax, seek comfort and  rejuvenate, 

it should welcome you home at the end of each day!

Don't let paperwork pile up. Open your mail as soon as it comes into the house and recycle flyers and junk mail before they ever have a chance to hit your table - becoming tomorrow's chore.

Even if you only have a few minutes to tidy your home, use those minutes to gather up all the things that are out of place, and put them in a basket or laundry tub (putting some items away in their home as you go). Yes, you will still have to put these items away later, but at least your home will no longer be littered with them - the mess and clutter is now contained in one place, which is much easier to face than the alternative. Your home will be tidy instantly! Taking a few moments to do this at night is a great way to ensure a fresh start when you wake up in the morning. 

Organization. Tips on keeping clutter to a minimum.

Always clean your kitchen before going to bed. There is nothing worse than facing a messy kitchen in the morning. It sets a terrible tone for the start of a new day and greets you before you've even had a chance to eat breakfast.

Always have a donation box in your basement or garage. This way you will always have a place to put your items that you no longer need or want. When it's full, take a trip to Goodwill. One man's trash truly is another's treasure, and recycling your things rather than throwing them away not only allows someone else the pleasure of enjoying your once-cherished belongings, it's also great for our environment.

Buy yourself some beautiful storage. Baskets are brilliant for storage! Whether they are rectangular, square, round, nesting, banana leaf, bamboo, sea grass, willow, wicker, rattan, water hyacinth,... the choices are endless and they are all beautiful, natural, versatile, and functional. And most importantly, you can't see through them!

Allow yourself a place for a little disorganization. You won't always have time to organize everything the moment it comes to your attention, and inevitably you will always have things that you just don't know what to do with at that moment, so having a place in which to neatly store things away will ensure they are ready for you when you do find the time. Designate a drawer in the kitchen or sideboard, a nice basket, or any easy-to-access hidden storage compartment for your "I'll get to it later" items (paperwork is a prime example) - just make sure you actually take care of these things on a regular basis or soon it will be overflowing and you will be looking for another space for your things.

Really ask yourself why you are keeping the things you have collected. If you love it, by all means give it a home and find enjoyment in it. If you're tired of it - pass it on to goodwill or a friend who you know would like it. If you don't really like something but it has deep meaning to you or holds a fond memory - store it away until you are emotionally ready to part with it. And if you don't like it - simply let it go!

There is nothing more mentally draining than clutter and disorganization! Staying organized will definitely help you keep on top of things in your home. When you do have some disorganization - which everyone does - keeping it all in one area will make it seem much less daunting. Giving everything a "home" is the surest way to minimize clutter because if everything is put away where it belongs there simply is no mess or disorganization.