Before you think it's hopeless,

have a really good look at your surroundings. Is it really your home or furniture that you don't like? Or just the colour of your walls?

If you're really unhappy with the way your home makes you feel, take a good look at your wall colour. It doesn't matter how nice your furnishings are or how beautiful your artwork might be, if you don't love the colour on your walls, or if the colour simply doesn't work with your fixed elements and furnishings, it can result in an "off" feeling in the space. Old panelling, and out-of-date draperies and wallpaper can also play a role in how you view your home. If they have a strong presence, they may be competing with your furnishings, and throwing all of your beautiful things into the background because they're taking centre-stage!

If you're a homeowner who likes to change things in your home regularly, consider painting your walls with warm neutrals as your backdrop, and accent with your favourite colours.  Pillows, candles, throws, draperies, artwork and feature walls, are all great ways to add colour without the permanency and rigidity of having it on all of your walls. This is not to say you shouldn't paint with colour. In fact, colour is one of the most impressive and powerful decorating tools. Just be sure you're prepared for the outcome if you do decide to go bold!

It all starts with colour.