• Clear driveways, walkways and decks of all debris, leaves, rocks and garbage
  • ​Clear your gardens of all dead foliage - remove empty planters, and excess lawn ornaments
  • Trim hedges and bushes neatly, making sure all windows and doors are clear and visible
  • Plant a few hedges and/or flowers if your garden needs a pick-me-up, and add a fresh layer of cedar mulch for a finished look
  • Mow lawns and ensure they are healthy, lush and green - seed or sod if necessary
  • Paint and repair decks, railings, fencing, garage doors, drains and gutters
  • Clean windows inside and out, and wash siding if necessary
  • Replace or repair roofing if shingles are curling or damaged
  • Touch up tired doors, trim and shutters with a fresh coat of paint
  • Replace rusty or damaged mailboxes, house numbers and outside lighting
  • Remove bicycles, old play structures, broken toys, dog mess and garbage - there should be nothing unsightly in sight
  • Ensure pools and hot tubs are in pristine condition, as well as the areas surrounding them
  • Store garbage cans and recycle bins neatly in the garage or back yard, away from the front of the house
  • Park RV's, trailers and boats elsewhere temporarily
  • Clean out carports completely, and clean any oil stains from driveways
  • Add a tasteful seasonal accessory to your door, and/or place planters of flowers at the front of your home for a welcoming pop of colour
  • Buy a good quality outdoor mat for your front door, and ensure your doorbell is in working order
  • If applicable, ensure walkways, driveways and entryways are well shovelled

Curb appeal

Back yards may be just as, or more important than front yards!

Always remember, you only have once chance to make a first impression, when it comes to sparking buyer-interest in your home. Some homebuyers will actually drive by without even giving the interior of your home a chance, if the exterior is unappealing. Curb Appeal is an important step towards getting people inside your home.

In many cases, back yards may be just as, or even more important than front yards. More and more, homeowners are enjoying their back yards as an extension of the home. It is important to ensure your back yard is enticing, so homebuyers can imagine themselves entertaining, playing, and relaxing in it. Keep in mind as well, that although projects like replacing windows or roofing can be costly, choosing to do so could very well sway a decision towards buying your home, over one down the street. When there are obvious features that require updating, it can either detract a buyer from putting in an offer, or give them leverage to offer considerably less than what you might be asking. Improvements such as these will be a bonus when homebuyers are comparing the features of your home to another.