Let YOU shine through, in your home!

Creating spaces that are at the same time comfortable and liveable for you and your family.

Filling your home with things that make you smile

Using the things that you own, in functional and creative ways, that will provide both presence and purpose.

Painting your home with colours that echo your individuality and character.

Showcasing the things you love, regardless of how whimsical or odd they might be​.

Creating beautiful, welcoming and functional environments, focused around the lifestyle and desires of those living within your home.

​Interior Decorating is all about You.

​It's about...

There are a multitude of easy and economical projects that you as a homeowner, can do to update and renew the interior of your home. Giving your home a fresh new face doesn't have to involve buying all new furnishings, nor does it have to mean spending large amounts of money. The concepts behind both Decorating  and ReDesign focus on creating inviting spaces in your home, that are reflective of who you are and the things you love. By making more functional and appealing use of your existing furnishings and accessories, and creatively incorporating selected new items of decor with what you currently own, you can inspire a refreshing new perspective on the way your home will both look and feel.