TIP: Collect garbage in black garbage bags and give-away in clear or coloured. This will eliminate any confusion later, a to what the bags contain!

If you are DeCluttering for Staging, many things will need to go into storage. Minimize anything in excess and remember that 'less is more' when it comes to preparing your home for the market. Things must be kept neutral to appeal to a greater number of people.


  • Family photos and very personal treasures
  • Collections of guns, mounted animal heads, etc. that may make visitors uncomfortable
  • Excess toys - especially large ones that can confine and clutter a space
  • Excess religious or cultural material
  • Excess collections of trinkets, china, stuffed animals, sports memorabilia, dolls, etc.
  • Excess linens and clothing - if you have a lot of clothing even after decluttering, put some into storage so that closets look spacious

If you are DeCluttering for yourself, present your remaining belongings however you wish, keeping in mind that anything in excess can look like clutter. Give everything a home and try not to keep ANYTHING that you don't actually need, want or use.

Step 3 - decide what you want to store/display

This is a good time to minimize collections and clutter in your home, while allowing someone else the privilege of enjoying your once-cherished belongings.


  • Excess bed linens and stuffed animals
  • Unwanted books, magazines and cookbook collections
  • Unwanted trinkets, toys and collectibles
  • Out-of-date or excess furnishings
  • Artwork, rugs and wall decor
  • Clothing - there will likely be a lot! We tend to keep clothing thinking that we may one day wear them, fit into them, or need them, but if you haven't worn it in years, it's likely you never will - go through dresser drawers and closets with purpose!

This is the time to get rid of things you don't need, want or use anymore, that are no good to anyone.


  • Old newspapers, flyers and useless paperwork
  • Broken toys, tools and small appliances... how long have you been telling yourself you'll fix them?
  • Old clothing, linens, draperies and old toiletries
  • Useless junk that is in closets, drawers, cupboards and corners, that is taking up valuable space
  • Damaged furnishings that are falling apart and beyond repair

Step 2 - decide what you want to give away

Step 1 - decide what is garbage/recycle


DeCluttering is an opportunity to reduce and remove long-collected items that you no longer need, want or use any more. DeCluttering your home can be achieved by going through each room, and following a few simple steps.