Colour can transform a lifeless room into one that is warm and inviting, or cause an otherwise impressive space to become cold and flat. Colour can create the illusion of a not-so-far-away wall, a not-so-high ceiling, and a not-so-noticeable problem area. Changing the wall colour in your home is the most inexpensive update you can make that will provide the greatest overall impact. It is the ideal home improvement to yield fast and effective results.

While colour is wonderful, it is also very subjective, and what one person may view as beautiful may cause another to feel a very different emotion. This is the very reason why neutralizing colour during the selling process is highly recommended. Staying neutral is best for Staging, but choosing wall colour to personalize your own home and surroundings is ALL ABOUT YOU! You should choose colours that you love, make you feel good, and represent your individuality.

Whether you are looking to increase the appeal of your home for resale purposes, or you simply wish to update your interior for your own enjoyment, take care to choose colours that will work well with your home and your objectives.

Colour is one of the most powerful tools used in the world of decorating.