Paint is like magic in a can!

If you are having difficulty finding a colour scheme for a room, capture your inspiration from something you really love, and use it as a starting point. This could be a quilt, decorative rug, favourite painting, the upholstery in an existing piece of furniture, etc... Use 2 or 3 colours that you love from your "article of inspiration" and use those colours in your furniture, draperies, accents, and accessories. Repeating colour throughout your room will provide a rhythmic balance to your space and will ensure everything flows well together. If you have no real inspiration to start with, go shopping! Look at things like fabric, wallpaper and bedding. Skilled artists and designers usually create the patterns in these items, so this will take care of all your colour-coordinating guesswork. Whether you buy something as your starting point, or you simply look for ideas, you can be sure to find the perfect colour-combination.

Decorating is about you. Do whatever will make you happy, regardless of what others like, or what the current trend is. Keep in mind that trends are just that... they come and go. If you're not true to yourself, you may end up stuck with a colour you quickly tire of just because you painted with the season's latest new colours. If you do love a particular trendy colour, consider using it as an accessory colour, or paint only a feature wall. This way there won't be as much work to do when you discover you don't love the colour as much as you once did. Neutrals are the perfect backdrop to any decor because they will allow more flexibility when changing the style of your interior. You can change your decor with the seasons if you like; replacing accent colours, art, accessories, etc., and create a whole new look and feel without ever having to pull out the paint roller!

Choosing a colour scheme.