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Great style doesn't have to come with costly price tags and fancy brand names. A love of one's possessions, whether purchased at designer stores, or a local thrift shop, is what makes a house a home.

Embrace the things you love, and appreciate them for what they mean to you. Regardless of how much they cost, or where they came from.

Love the home you live in!

Dale McCarthy

Introduced to the Arts from an early age, while watching her Father paint in his Art Studio, Dale has always fostered an innate love and appreciation for design and colour. A steadfast believer that Home should be a Haven to those living within it, Dale passionately pursues any endeavour that enriches the beauty and comfort that every home has the potential to offer. Whether she is selecting colours and finishes for a home renovation project, or simply providing advice, Dale is very much at ease in her own creative niche. 

Dale has taken many courses of study in the fields of Interior Decorating, ReDesign, Real Estate Staging, and Kitchen and Bath Design. In addition to advising countless numbers of friends, family and colleagues for more than 25 years, Dale has had the pleasure of providing service and advice to thousands of individuals while working in the Retail Home Improvement Industry. Following a naturally progressive path, Dale now combines her love for both people and home, selling Residential Real Estate in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  

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